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I have been a consultant since I started my professional career, 13 years ago. I worked as consultant for the two biggest oil services companies in the world (Schlumberger and Halliburton) and now I do it as independent. When I explain what I do for a living being a Consultant in the Oil Industry, I get asked: Why companies hire you? And this question makes sense: Why companies wouldn’t solve their own problems by themselves? And there are many good reason to explain why companies hire me, and I will explain some of that reasons:

1. They Want Specialized Skills
One of the most common reason why companies hire me is to gain access to my specialized skills, which might not exist in house. Hire people with highly specialized skills can be expensive, and many times the company might not have enough work to keep said employees busy year round. With me, companies can get a specialized set of skills, on demand and pay them just when they need it.

2. They Want an Outside Eye
When you have problems in your life, sometimes you turn to friends and family for their opinions? Companies often need this, too, especially when making tough decisions. Often, clients have a perspective on how to solve the problem they are facing but want to make sure that what they’re thinking is correct, so, they turn to me, their friend for business, and I provide them with my opinion.

But this isn’t just an opinion, given my experience in several projects, I can often bring new and innovative ideas or possible challenges to the table that clients probably wouldn’t have been able to see on their own.

3. They Need Extra Help
Sometimes the problems companies need solving are really important, but they don’t necessarily have the people to focus on them. Companies still have to focus on their day-to-day operations, after all, and new projects typically require reprioritizing employees’ core job responsibilities. But hiring new employees to fill these gaps doesn’t always make sense either, seeing as many of these projects are one-offs.

In instances like this, I basically work as temporary highly skilled employee. I am not full-time employee of the company, so it is often cheaper hire me than hire someone new. I can help companies to keep their employees in their current jobs.

4. They Want a Safe Zone
Sometimes, when companies are working on a challenging problem or a controversial project, it can be hard for them to make decisions or take the necessary actions without getting wrapped up in emotions or politics. So, they bring in to me to provide an unbiased eye and do some of the dirty work for them.

It is very common that sometimes employees are too close to a problem inside an organization to identify it. As an external and independent consultant I can help you to identify problems and propose solutions.

5. They Need Changes
No one likes changes, but sometimes the changes are needed, and I can help by implementing changes in companies. I can provide an objective, fresh viewpoint without worrying about what people in the organization might think about the results and how there were achieved.

I can bring ideas and new life to companies, develop new business or teach many skills to their employees.

As you can see, consultants really support companies in a lot of ways—and as a consultant I can help you in several situations. The consultancy it’s not an easy work, but I like challenges, and I want to hear about you and help you to achieve the goals of your company.

Please contact me to talk a little more about how can we work together.

Angel Da Silva
Email: adasilva@angeldasilva.com
USA:+1 786-600-1048
Latinamerica: +593 99-255-0926

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